Antibody discovery pipeline

AbSano identifies and develops novel monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic applications as well as innovative diagnostic tools using our in-house technology within our state-of-the-art antibody discovery pipeline.

Within our antibody discovery pipeline, AbSano makes use of phage display. Our “standard” libraries are made from human naïve (50) and patiënt (30) (scFv) repertoires and allow for discovery of unique antibodies with characteristics suitable for therapeutic programs. We also have naïve llama (VHH) repertoires and can generate custom immune libraries from blood, spleen, lymph nodes, and bone marrow of immunized animals or humans. Our in-house technologies enable us to capture the entire immune repertoire for panning, rescue, and identification of unique antibodies with pre-specified characteristics.

Subsequently, our pipeline offers advanced technologies to express antibody fragments and rapidly reformat into any given immunoglobulin format, such as full-size IgG, bispecifics, Fc mutants to modify effector functions, or chimeras with Fc regions from different species. Our in-house knowledge and experience enable us to humanize and optimize antibody sequences as well as remove liabilities to obtain lead antibodies fitted for therapeutic programs. The broad variety of techniques and assays available at AbSano enables strong antibody characterization, by analyzing essential antibody features as well as their ability to affect target protein functionality.