Food impurities

Our food potentially contains unwanted substances, such as contaminants or impurities. These substances can be introduced to the food at different stages during its preparation. Certain plants, which are part of our diet, naturally hold impurities. The environment can also introduce harmful compounds into our food products. Additionally, contaminants can be the result of food production and processing methods. The consequence of eating food containing these unwanted substances is highly variable. Depending on the identity of the contaminant as well as the amount and exposure time, eating contaminated food can range from harmless to extremely harmful. Digesting a certain substance in high amounts or for prolonged periods can have severe consequences for our health. To ensure our food is safe, it is therefore tested for the presence of contaminants and impurities.

In collaboration with a partner, AbSano aims to develop monoclonal antibodies as novel tools to detect food impurities.

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